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    Net Mart Engineering Ltd established in year 1996. Net Mart Engineering Ltd is based in Hong Kong and managed by experienced computer professionals. The founders of the business have been working in relevant field for over 15 years. 

    Net Mart Engineering Ltd is specialized in Consultation, System Integration, Project Supervision as well as Distribution. Our target market is in both Hong Kong and PRC China. Our customers are major in the field of Banking, Finance, Securities, PTT, Government, Public Utilities, Manufacturers, etc... with LAN, Telecom, Datacom and CATV environment. 

    Owning to the expansion of our business and the ever-growing market, Net Mart Engineering Ltd is currently and continuously supplying Fiber Optics and Copper Wire Connectivities with Structured Cabling System for Data-communication, Tele-communication, Control and Instrumentation applications. We also supply Professional Testing Instructments, Equipment Cabinets, Enclosures, etc... 

    To satisfy with the unlimited demanding and competitive market, Net Mart Engineering Ltd has always placed the highest importance on the quality of our services and field proven products, thereby ensuring totally customer satisfaction. On the other hand, Net Mart Engineering Ltd is continuously looking for reputable suppliers and state-of-the-art products in order to providing you with progressive solutions that not only satisfy today's requirements, but tomorrow's needs as well. 


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